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The hash mark or the hash tag was just a simple pound sign once upon a time, but then this ordinary symbol turned into an online sensation.
As it is seen on every social media platforms like twitter, instagram and most importantly facebook you simply just cannot evade the extensive presence of the hash tag. But still many people wonder what exactly hash tag is. 
So, we have come up with a closure explanation of everything we want you to know about this trending internet phenomenon.
Once you get to know the ‘what’ probably you would want to know ‘how’ to use hash tags.
On all social platforms thousands of images get published every minute. So it becomes hard to stand out in the crowd.  So the possibility doesn’t become promising enough for your post, unless you have got number of followers. This is the place where the hash tags play its role. A hash tag basically is a keyword and it is symbolized as # written or posted as comment that facilitates and provides a search key.
Importantly, by indexing hash marks in your posts it gets included in the social network and is then discoverable to everyone.
Uses of Hash tags:
Hash tags doesn’t limits your posts just to your followers. By adding hash tags, the content becomes accessible to all the other users interested. Hash tags broaden the reach of your social media posts to numbers of potential followers.
Hash tags must be used wisely. A relevant keyword or a phrase I all needed to create a hash tag and includes the symbol # before those keywords or phrases. There is one thing you should know that is all hash tags are not equal.
Few things should be kept in mind while applying hash tags on social media:
Hash tags must be short and simple. One word for one hash tag is preferred because lengthy hash tags will surely turn off people. Over usage of hash tags should be avoided. This one symbol changes the representation of any phrase. Hash tags usage in numbers per post depends upon each channel. One must use hash tags next to those words which are really significant that catches the viewers.
Also, overuse of hash tags, i.e., when hash tags are overcrowded, your content may go unnoticed. 
So, sometimes, it is recommended that content hash tags should get mixed with a high volume, with other specific hash tags.

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