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Bounce Rate: 
People visiting websites but leaving without clicking and going through other pages, this occurrence is known or called ‘bounced’. For every visitor out of say, 100, the number that bounces that is called bounce rate. If we take an example like, 500 people visiting any e-commerce sites on a given day and if 100 of them exit without clicking to other pages, the bounce rate will be (100/500)*100=20%. 

What causes high bounce rate?
There are number of possible reasons behind such high bounce rates. Various tests and experiments have been performed that highlights some major issues. Mentioned below are some common reasons for high bounce rates:
•    When a visitor accidently visits a website.
•    The website visited itself provides much more relevant pages to click.
•    Unable to understand the site of navigation.
•    Visual representation, i.e. the look of the website does matters. 
•    Website content that includes images, text, videos doesn’t appeal the customer.
•     Loading of the first page, if it takes too long, visitors won’t wait.
•    Popup interfering customer’s experience.
•    The website does not provide well on the tool used to access it
•    No action call.
How bounce rates can be reduced?

Whatever the bounce rate of an e-commerce website is, the motive should be to lower or reduce it consistently. To have a good start in the process the above list items must be countered. With the idea of what customers want and are given to them is perfectly synch with the idea of lowering bounce rates. This is a key principle of retail in any mechanism.
 Customers are likely to stay only when they feel that their needs can be met on e-commerce websites thus they would continue to shop.
Working upon lowering bounce rates over time must outcome good results. On an e-commerce site in the hard-won traffic, a lower bounce rate will always increase your sales, so there is no need to get preoccupied the artificial standard of bounce rates.

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