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One of the most important techniques to achieve a huge return with a potentially low tier budget in content marketing.
From marketing strategy is inflation to the customers, to paid campaigns to outbound strategies, content marketing works as a backbone.
Marketers can face the challenge of shortage of resources. An organization which reaches a level of expertise and marketing can find this to be true, but yet content marketing brings in results with minimal resources.
Some of the key performance indicators (KPIs) for content marketing that should always be documented can be as follows:
1.    Time expenditure on blogs and content pieces.
2.    Subscribers gained for newsletters/ email lists.
3.    Shares on social media platforms..
4.    Generation of inbound links.
5.    Posted comments on blogs
An important effective content strategy including, discovery of blog posts, webinars, comprehensive guides and newsletters and resources. Consideration of case studies, product demos, frequently asked questions and answers and product comparisons. Conversion of testimonials, success stories and reviews. Retention of knowledge based articles, getting started guides and email series, special offers and cancellation insider tips. A marketer can further streamline the content strategy, by building a content calendar, automating the social media distribution, building and following an outreach program.
However, a marketer must be well prepared to share his content on multiple platforms. Social media must be used at its best, disregarding this huge platform is one of the common mistakes among marketers.
An effective content marketing strategy requires a plan wholly, from investment, to advertisement to understanding the audience, to carrying up campaigns. Inbound marketing is intricately connected to the selling cycle and is more likely to attract leads, delight visitors, and convert prospects into buyers.
If you are planning to publish number of articles then it is needed to build a content calendar. At least two keywords should be at target and the content marketing around the content bundles should be strategized. On the websites, guest blogs multiple content collaterals can be shared by using the targeted number of keywords. The use of keywords basically depends upon your team size and the keywords should get updated every month.
An outreach program must be build and followed because to promote build link and brands outreaching is very much essential. This program provides the exposure needed because it actually puts you in the spotlight with the influencers. For an outreach program email and social media can be the best channels.
With these 3 elements of content marketing in place, you will realize how effective content marketing is. Most importantly, you and your team will become a content-generating factory in no time.

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