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Flourishing at work is possible. At Imbrum Innovatives private limited, we’ve turned ourselves into hamsters in our own experimentation of making a perfect workplace, where employees bloom, perform their skills at its best and also support each other.
So, here we want to share our work experiences and hopefully may inspire your team to find what things shall work for you.
1.    Mission clearance.  When people do their best work and have set what they want to achieve and is working towards it is what actually matters because this shows a clearly defined mission statement so that everyone is then coordinated towards the same set of goals.
2.    Appropriate applicants. People should be wisely hired who knows how to work in a team, shares their enthusiasm for the company’s set mission and values so that a united culture gets created that helps everyone to expand their skills and resources. 
3.    Empowerment. Everyone in your organization should be empowered irrespective of their level of designation or work variations. This makes them much more expertise and they feel like whatever their work may be, matters and no matter at what level they are in the organization.
Sometimes the total focus gets distracted towards the management that blocks the creativity and the capability of the team members to accomplish their potential. 
4.    Sharing of experiences. A strategy must be taken to make people operate at its best. To make them feel homely and then invest on company outings, let them share their personal experiences, celebrating birthdays surely helps to create an integrated team.
5.    Technology. What thrives the team is the modern communication technology that allows the team to reduce the feel of soul sucking out of you. The less the time is spent on the feel of work about work, people tend to do the real work they are hired and passionate about.
6.    Health is wealth. Good health and energy brings out the potential and energy to do the best work. Another investment  but within small expenses like yoga sessions, free healthy meals and gym membership makes and keeps their mind healthy is what we all need.
7.    Definite goals. Transparency of expectations makes the completion of work much easier and thus celebrates success. In every month few high level team goals are set that provides clarity around what needs to be done and how work aligns with the company’s set goals. It is necessary to complete the steps to achieve your goals and it is only possible with the amount of clarity provided.
8.    Routine Break. Normal schedule really gets boring, so to recharge people something new or other should be done and this is such a way that makes easier to thrive. Time should be provided to people to work upon those things they normally don’t do to, something totally outside their comfort zone to enhance their skills and this strikes a balance with more time focused on accomplishing basic goals.

At Imbrum Innovatives private limited, one of our main priorities is to create a product that helps humanity expand and a culture that helps our team members to bloom. You can do your best work in helping to thrive humanity by helping your team to thrive.

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