Effective Marketing Ideas for Halloween to Scare up Your Sales This October

This week Imbrum Innovatives celebrates Halloween with providing you the marketing ideas to increase your sales and growing your business.

Increase Your Rankings on Google & Seos By Updating Your Old Content

If you want to increase your rankings on Google and search engines, then there is a strategy that will help you to increase those rankings without a lot of extra work. You can work on content writing. You can produce more content. But it is difficult and complicated and takes more time. You can make updates to your old content. It takes less time and less work and also delivers faster results.

The SEO Cyborg: How to Interface with Users and Make Knowledge to Search Bots

SEO is about understanding how to resonate with users and make a sense to search Bots. Here, users react to an online experience. It’s a great opportunity that SEO service is now available in India and also in Kolkata. Imbrum Innovatives Pvt. Ltd. gives this advantage to you to get this opportunity. We are required to know where to insert ourselves to confirm the best experience for both users and bots.

Digitization of Durga Puja

The established celebration of Durga Puja has little by little evolved over the years. Digitization has absented its footsteps in the habitual mores of Puja celebration as well. Puja at the moment is celebrated with pads and apps, smartphones and mobile devices. No wonder, the new becomes old Durga Puja has, in addition, befall the ultimate platform in boosting marker image. Let’s take on a kaleidoscopic view of this multi-coloured and “Digital Durgotsav!”

The Document Outline Dilemna: Computer Says No To Html5 Document Outline

The appeal of ignoring heading levels for developers and authors is pretty compelling when you do not know how or where that content will appear (or it appears in many different locations). In particular, the all- <h1> approach appeals to many for its simplicity.


Loyal initiatives and Word of mouth marketing will become more and more difficult business in the service sector as the results will be disrupted by Local Service Ads by Google.

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